Fiber Fault Reflectometer

Smart SFP OTDR Lite is a Gigabit Ethernet and STM-1/4 transceiver with built-in OTDR function.

Acting like a conventional SFP transceiver, once optical signal loss detected Smart SFP OTDR Lite automatically measures the distance to the fiber break point and reports it.

It is installed in network equipment of any vendor for fast break point identification of the optical fiber and for real time optical links monitoring.

Smart SFP OTDR Lite can be used to upgrade handheld Ethernet testers with an SFP slot.

Benefits of deploying:

  • Instant fiber break point identification
  • Identify the distance to significant intermediate events with the high levels of reflected signal – air gap, dirty connector, bad splice and etc.
  • Real-time remote fiber monitoring – break, degradation
  • Operating over dark fiber and CWDM
  • Less expensive than handheld or rack-mounted OTDR
  • Reduce OpEx by eliminating false technician dispatches
  • Reduce MTTR by locating fiber optic faults in seconds
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 1.25 Gbps
  • STM-1/4, 155/622 Mbps
  • Operating modes: Data + OTDR, OTDR only
  • Wavelengths: any CWDM, 1625, 1650 nm
  • Single wavelength single fiber operation (SWSF)
  • Operating distance: up to 40 km
  • Measuring distance accuracy: 5 to 50 m
  • OTDR Tx pulse power: > 10 dBm
  • OTDR Rx sensitivity: < -46 dBm
  • Result output format: XXXXXX meters / YY.ZZZ miles
  • CLI, SNMP, Web (depends on host capabilities)
  • Report measurement result over:
  • module IDs – Vendor name, Serial number
  • DDM – Bias current
  • I2C management
  • Front LED to indicate operating mode
  • Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM)
  • SFP MSA compliant
  • Multi-vendor compatibility
  • Industrial temperature